Broken Promises

Technically, this is the first song that I wrote—and finished! A classmate of mine  had his heart broken by someone he claims to have been his girlfriend for two weeks. No one knows if it was true. The girl was, after all, a campus heartthrob and my classmate was, well, not a campus heartthrob.

Anyway, after he poured his heart out to me, I sat down and played some chords over the piano that night, squeezing out any amount of emotion from his story and exaggerated everything. It’s a very formulaic song (one of many) with patterns you’d hear any most pop songs.

Trivia: When I got stumped writing lyrics, I saw the washing machine and saw the words “gentle” and “strong.” You’ll see those words in the second verse. My singing group eventually sang this song at a concert in Manila.

Broken Promises
© 1989

Once in life we had things going right
Until I came to realize
That all the time you said that you love me
Was nothing but a lie

When my back was turned
Someone else was in your heart
You could have told me
I would understand
But here we are now standing all alone
Saying our last goodbyes
Because of…

Chorus 1
Broken promises, broken promises
I was a fool to love you
Though I know I’ll learn to let it go
Forgetting all your broken promises

I used to dream to have you in my arms
That was then before
All our cries and joys are now all gone
Never to be felt once more

How can you say that our love was going strong
When you used gentle words to lead me
To all your foolish ways that made me fall apart
Making your true feelings for me come out

Chorus 2
Broken promises, broken promises
Not only did you lie to me
But you broke my heart
And shattered my dreams
All because of broken promises

Love will come my way someday
But never again
With all your broken promises

Repeat Chorus 1 and 2

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