Song for the Debutante

Have the years gone by?
You wonder why it’s hard to say goodbye
To the memories of childish ways and dreams
Can’t the magic last forever?
Perhaps a little longer?

You will hear a distant cry
The laughter and the sorrow
Of the child you were once
Who’d play for hours and dance
adn from your mother’s lullabies
you learned to sing the song of life
Tomorrow seemed so far away
But now you’re leaving
Yesterday behind, not knowing what you’ll find
Now a little girl has grown
To be a woman who can stand
On her own

And i pray thay you may
Find the strength and courage
If you trust Him all your heart
You’ll never be in the dark
I wish your dreams would all come true
I thank the Lord for making you my friend

Repeat Chorus

Through the years i have learned
To cherish you and call you my friend
We shared the moments, though life is full of changes

Repeat Chorus

Now close your eyes and make a wish
Through the lighted candlesticks
Blow and don’t you tell a soul what it is
And from my heart, the words are so few
The best gift i can give you is my love

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