1989 (1)
Broken Promises

1991 (1)
Paano Ang Pasko

1992 (2)
All A Dream
Faith With You

1993 (3)
Ways of The World
Never Apart

1994 (1)
The Crash

1995 (1)
Let It Go

1996 (1)
Never Meant To Be

1997 (2)
I Thought We Had Love (Music)
Another Place and Time

1998 (1)

1999 (2)
Please Stay
No, No More

2000 (5)
The Sorry One Again
Even More
The Flight (Music)

2001 (4)
Just Like You
Living My Dream
One Click Away

2002 (5)
For Keeps
Ready At Last
River of My Dreams
December Dawn (Music)

2003 (2)
Mahal Kita

2004 (2)
Day I Knew
Txtube Theme

2005 (15)
Ordinary Man
Wild At Heart
Suite Inspirations (Album)
What Matters Most
A Little Something For Everyone
Kay Ganda, Kay Saya
Reason To Live
The Greatest Story
My Little Prayer
A Better Place
Still Here (Arr.)

Shepherd King Theme (Shepherd King)
Anointed One (Shepherd King)
Sling and Stone (Shepherd King)
Mourning After (Shepherd King)
Temptation at The Tower (Shepherd King)
Shepherd Boy (Shepherd King)

2006 (11)
Take It Easy
Moving and Growing in Faith
Aawit Sa `Yo

I, King Saul (Shepherd King)
Blood Brothers (Shepherd King)
Jade Monster (Shepherd King)
My Lord, My Home (Shepherd King)
Vagrants to Valiants (Shepherd King)
Shepherd King (Shepherd King)
Love, Child of The Morning (Shepherd King)
Epilogue (Shepherd King)

2007 (8)
Heartsong (Generations)
No Escaping Your Love (Generations)
One Faith (Generations)
My Vision of Heaven (Generations)
Jesus Loves The Little Children (Generations)
Wanna Give You (Arr.) (Generations)
Lord, Saviour and Friend
Thank You

2008 (4)
Child That I Am
Why (The Testimonies)
Beautiful (The Testimonies)

2009 (6)
Faithful and Sane (The Testimonies)
Selfish Love (The Testimonies)
Still (The Testimonies)
Beauty Queen (The Testimonies)
So Much More (The Testimonies)
Your Little Girl

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