Welcome to the SPOILERS page. I can’t stress this enough: if you don’t mind knowing what happens in the story, then read on. Otherwise, I suggest you skip this part.

lola nelia

Amalia Fuentes as Lola Nelia
With her beauty, poise, and dominant aura, Amalia Fuentes is clearly the best actress to portray Lola Nelia.

lorenzo fuentes

Eddie Guiterrez as Lolo Renzo
It was hard to find a charismatic man in his 60s who could pull off being a stern but loving father. I believe Eddie Guiterrez can portray that man.

gabriel sebastian

Cesar Montano as Gabriel Sebastian
No one in the world can play Gabriel except Cesar Montano. If you’ve read the novel, you know why.

7a3bc_hobbit_house_manila_685226902_6a48fd5631Hobbit House (Malate)

Lacson Underpass - Still Empty bw
The Tunnels (Lacson Underpass)

flat,800x800,070,fPlaza de Toros (Andalusia, Spain)

* * *


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