GITARISTA: Locations

Amidst ludicrous government spending, Manila was so beautiful in the 1970s. I still wonder if people who grew up in that decade still think it was all not worth it. As much as I loath corruption and political killings, I’d like to believe that there were some good things that happened during that period.

Alejandro Sebastian’s story weaves in and out of the capital’s renowned locales. More locations can be found in the SPOILERS post.

• Image sources are credited below the post.


Roxas Boulevard


CCP_Main_TheaterxCCP Main Theater


20120702-front-banner-strata-2Abelardo Hall

post-23387-1187524405Rustan’s Makati

quiapo blvdQuiapo

Plaza Miranda, Quiapo

464-cultural-center-of-the-philippines-ccp-main-theaterCCP Main Theater

intramuros_editThe Fortress (Intramuros)


Rizal ParkRizal Park, Luneta

bay-1Manila Bay (Roxas Boulevard)

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