Great Gitarista Giveaway WINNERS


Grand Prize: Dabertte Sanchez
• Paperback edition of Gitarista
• Violinist Dani T-Shirt
• Vintage radio messenger bag

Gitarista Paperback: Alma Malaga, Tangerine, Athena Claire Dueñas

Gitarista Ebook: EVERYONE! It’s free in Amazon until Friday, Dec. 5, 2014.



daniViolinist Dani T-Shirt
Dani is the inspiration of the main character Alejandro in Gitarista. Because this looks cooler than a t-shirt with the book cover.

Vintage Radio Messenger Bag
Gitarista is set in 1970s Manila after all. The radio knobs and tuner are non-functioning and for aesthetic purposes only. Also, the Macbook and iPad (which can fit inside the bag) are NOT INCLUDED.

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