Great Gitarista Giveaway

I’m extending this contest because Gitarista is the awardee for Fiction In English at the Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards last November 14. Everyone, thank you!

Gitarista ebook (10 winners)
• Gitarista paperback (3 winners)

gitarista_booksGitarista in Paperback

Grand Prize (1 winner)
• Paperback edition of Gitarista
• Violinist Dani T-Shirt
• Vintage radio messenger bag

daniViolinist Dani T-Shirt
Dani is the inspiration of the main character Alejandro in Gitarista. Because this looks cooler than a t-shirt with the book cover.

Vintage Radio Messenger Bag
Gitarista is set in 1970s Manila after all. The radio knobs and tuner are non-functioning and for aesthetic purposes only. Also, the Macbook and iPad (which can fit inside the bag) are NOT INCLUDED. 

1. Like and share this post anywhere (FB, Twitter, Tumblr, your neighbor’s door, etc.). Use the hashtag #GitaristaGiveaway.
2. Leave a comment below. No comment, no entry.
3. That’s it!

For Philippine residents only. Winners shall be chosen based on how their profile pictures look. Just kidding! Randomly, of course. Deadline for entries is on November 30, 2014. 11:59PM. Good luck!

21 thoughts on “Great Gitarista Giveaway”

  1. Congratulations Reev and THANK YOU for the goodies! Super! 🙂 I just couldn’t pass up a chance to hopefully win this giveaway, I mean who wouldn’t want to?

    Thanks. *Crossing my fingers*


  2. Congratulations Reev! This is such a great treat for everyone. 🙂 Please write more awesome stories. Also—who wouldn’t want to get their hands on the prizes? Thanks. *crossing my fingers now*


  3. here’s my poem for you Reev based from my reading of Gitarista;


    Don’t under estimate the heart of a guitar major!.

    I love this book!. It’s about musical words, poems, your roots, competition, your friends, your family, yourself, your maestro, your father and your life.

    What is the essence of living your genius life without experiencing the curse of it.

    A secret that will melt your hopes, heart aches, tremble your bones, or getting out of tune!.

    It is between
    your heart and your craft,
    your destiny or your family,
    your ego and your friends.

    After reading Gitarista, I made a poem;
    Title: Gabs’ Classical Guitar

    Gab bent over his blue guitar,
    A classical of sorts, The day was green.

    Ejan said,” You have a blue guitar,
    You do not play things as they are.”

    Gab replied,”Things as they are
    Are changed upon the blue guitar.”

    Ejan said then,”but play, you must,
    A tune beyond us, yet ourselves,

    A tune upon the blue guitar
    Of things exactly as they are.”

    Reev, ang galing mo!

    Ramdam ko ang eskala ng iyong gitara
    ang mga kalyo nito
    ang pagbuga ng laway ni Maestro

    ang pag-ibig na na-unsiyami
    kompetisyon nauwi sa pandaraya
    ang multo sa likod ng iyong gitara
    ang pagkabigo at pagkabaliw

    Ngunit sa dulo pala ay naghihintay
    ang pagtanggap sa tunay na dahilan
    ang panunumbalik sa yakap ng pamilya
    ang muling pagtugtog ng gitara at
    ang isang matamis na bukas…


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