What you see here is a tiny peek of the outfits and trends in the 70s. Because of the amount of  fashion described in the novel, I’ll try to update this section from time to time—and hopefully not make it look like Pinterest.

choice pick 1 shirtEveryday shirt of Alejandro


Eugene Vasquez’s penny loafers

Inspiration for Tammy’s general look and hairstyle as modeled by Jaclyn Smith


Dani’s general look was inspired by this photo of Karen Gillan


I imagined the Maestro wearing the clothes of Dr. John Hammond in Jurassic Park

tumblr_ltwxwmrN1x1r2nojmo1_500Television version of The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew

John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, 1977

carmenreyesmakeup_imeldamarcos4Imelda Marcos and her famous terno with butterfly sleeves and abanico pattern

iwona_paczek_12_13 2Bride’s wedding gown

christopher-reeve1Christopher Reeve and his famous Superman pompadour
* I wasn’t named after him.

* * *


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