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World Health Organization on Food Safety Music Score

“Food safety is a key component of health security and a shared responsibility among all stakeholders along the food chain. Governments need to make food safety a top priority and invest in food safety to the benefit of health and economic development. Government must also take responsibility and engage in regional and international cooperation.” -World Health Organization  Continue reading World Health Organization on Food Safety Music Score

Audio Documentary – The “I” in Life Podcasts – University of The Philippines

Title: The “I” in Life Podcasts
School: University of The Philippines Diliman
College: Mass Communication
Subject: BC111 Advanced Audio Production & Direction
Year: 2007


iFeel, iAct, iCan and iCare. 4 podcasts promoting public awareness, breaking stereotypes and empowering the visually-impaired. Produced by BC 111 students of U.P. Diliman.