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World Health Organization on Food Safety Music Score

“Food safety is a key component of health security and a shared responsibility among all stakeholders along the food chain. Governments need to make food safety a top priority and invest in food safety to the benefit of health and economic development. Government must also take responsibility and engage in regional and international cooperation.” -World Health Organization  Continue reading World Health Organization on Food Safety Music Score

He Cares Foundation Celebration

Here’s to cap a blissful twelve months of tutoring, workshops and playing with the kids of Looban community in Quezon City.

The most rewarding thing has been seeing them improve in school and, of course, their smiles.  Kudos to all the volunteers and everyone who makes this project a success year after year after year! Continue reading He Cares Foundation Celebration

Storytelling with The Kids of Ipo Dam

We may not be able to plant as many trees as we want in our lifetime, but planting seeds of learning and caring for the environment in the hearts of children will surely go a long way. This was the simple guiding principle of an odd mix of people (my 60-year old mother, myself, and two young mountaineers) who decided to travel to Ipo Dam at least once a month to educate the children about earthkeeping.

Ipo Dam in Bulacan province is a reservoir that supplies Metro Manila its major water needs. But because of deforestation, clean water and flood management has been a major problem for everyone. Illegal settlers in Ipo Dam are the main culprits of kaingin (the slashing and burning of forest trees for cultivation purposes).

You can’t see the book from this angle…but it’s Noah’s Ark! Talk about flood control.

Thankfully, they allow their children to attend our nature activities. Our informal classroom agenda consists of singing songs like “Ang Mga Ibon” (The Birds), games such as trash-gathering, stories like “Diola, Heroine of Philippine Eagles”, bird-watching and rock piling. Of course, we also teach them about the dangers of kaingin.

Reading Diola: Heroine of Philippine Eagles.

We know that there is the challenge of understanding the big picture of things economy-wise, setting up alternative livelihood programs, and instilling a deep personal conviction of stewardship for our one and only home—the earth. But when we put our heads together and get on our feet, great things can happen from small beginnings! At least, that’s what we believe.

By the way, if any of you are interested in doing something like this, let me know! Leave a comment below and let’s make the world a better place.

Earth Hour Theme Song

Tasked by WWF Philippines to write a theme song for Earth Hour, a yearly campaign that encourages everyone to save energy for climate change. Continue reading Earth Hour Theme Song

University of The Philippines – Presidents Centennial Awards

It’s great to be part of a project that involves your alma mater especially when you’re celebrating 100 years of academic freedom. Here is the University of the Philippines Centennial Awards staged last June 16 at the U.P. Theater.

We recorded the female voice talent at the College of Mass Communication and editing and mixing were done at Le Studio de Lit. No original music here. Just a pure Pinoy score.

Audio Documentary – The “I” in Life Podcasts – University of The Philippines

Title: The “I” in Life Podcasts
School: University of The Philippines Diliman
College: Mass Communication
Subject: BC111 Advanced Audio Production & Direction
Year: 2007


iFeel, iAct, iCan and iCare. 4 podcasts promoting public awareness, breaking stereotypes and empowering the visually-impaired. Produced by BC 111 students of U.P. Diliman.