2014, The Year That Was

Aside from the usual run of music and audio projects, 2014 has been a seed-planting year in terms of exploring other career opportunities, some volunteer work, a bit of sports, a little traveling, and, after a three-year hiatus, expanding social circles. It’s not as big of a banner year (compared to say 2004 and 2009 which were life-changing years) but then again, if you knew me, “not as big” is well over what people would classify a reasonable self-standard.

So here are a couple of highlights from the past year. They include my favorite music projects, giant leaps as a writer (I still can’t call myself “author” more than “hobbyist”), and a few notable events. Let’s begin with…


I’ve been doing this for so long but it is forever cool to see your work in mainstream media. A big Thank You! goes out to you creators and production people I get to work with for allowing me to be part of your success.

Balls Sports Channel
Year in and year out, I can’t say this enough: Working with Acid House Post is always an amazing experience. They’re the best in the biz and one of those rare production houses that put value over careful planning and constant communication. The Balls Station ID is definitely my favorite score of the year because it’s electronic, orchestral, and allowed me to do a lot of sound design. I’ve got the fantastic visuals to thank for that.

See our other collaborations here.

My Movie Channel
Another collaboration with Acid House Post, the Station ID was launched early this year and we made a couple of more plugs for the the new year and Valentine’s. Solar admin, staff and production people…thank you!

Station ID


New Year Plug


Now the TV5 stuff. To all the producers, writers, researchers, managers and everyone in the News and Public Affairs Dept, thank you for the continued patronage!

A documentary series featuring stories of triumph amidst limitations. I have a fondness for cinematic, percussive, feel-good scores.


News and Public Affairs Image Plugs
I had no idea they’d be playing this all day, everyday, every hour, in-between programs. When I’d hear a television playing those plugs (say in a public place), I’d remind myself that I’m not in front of my workstation editing.


On it’s first outing, it won Best New Magazine program at the Catholic Mass Media Awards. Woohoo. Congrats, TV5!


Unang Tikim
Unang Tikim (First Taste), a gastronomic experience like no other, features exotic, healthy and delectable dishes. My non-adventurous palette, however, made my stomach churn while composing this. Haha. Kidding.



Universidad de Zamboanga Grand Chorale
Tasked to re-arrange the Universidad de Zamboanga hymn and the popular Zamboanga Hermosa, I travelled all the way down south to record the talented UZ Grand Chorale. I was there for 4 days and I couldn’t remember the names of most of the food I ate—they all tasted great. More pics and insider notes here. Special thanks to Mark, Dianna, and Abram.


DSWD’s Listahanan
I haven’t been doing a lot of radio ads lately but I’m always excited when there’s one because, in the absence of visuals, the music and other elements have to deliver the message effectively. Thank you Krupska, Wendy, Brian, Vida and Nesti. This was fun.



After so many writing gigs through the years, I never did take writing seriously. And it’s been fun that way. However…

Being the winner for Fiction in English at the Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards has been unbelievable. I think it’s unbelievable for a lot of people. Haha. This, being my first ever novel, makes it a sweeter win and has left me nothing but grateful. I truly believe in “firsts”.

Thank you to the Filipino Reader Conference team, all the readers, critics, and those who pirated my book (but gave good reviews)!


After relatively good feedback, maybe I should finally take writing seriously? You can find more info about Gitarista here.

During the conference, it was also my first time to be invited as guest speaker…as an author! Holy…paano…

Honey, Liana, Ariesa, Poy, Bebang, Karl and Tanya, Anne, Georgette, and Mina(!) plus all the authors who shook my hand personally or virtually…you guys make me want to write more.

The Legend of The Cram
My first children’s book! Finding a talented illustrator, storytellers and so many supporters is making this an unforgettable (ongoing) experience. See the storybook tour documentation here.

Diane and Simone, Gabe, Patricia, Charlot, Papemelroti, and of course, Arade…you guys rock.


The print edition is now available! Message me.



Tutorial Center at Barangay Looban
Always a privilege to share one’s time and talent to kids! Kudos to He Cares Foundation and the team behind the tutorial center. More pics here. Christina and everyone, your hearts are golden.


Coffee Aid
What a perfect way to cap the year: assisting our coffee farmers this harvest season. We have world-class coffee waiting to be tasted, folks. Paolo and Iona, power couple of the North, shall be posting updates soon.




This year has been a little been sportier. Went back to my first love (told you I believe in “firsts”) tennis, did a bit of sculling (fancy name for rowing), watched some concerts, and traveled to a few places here and there. To all my tennis friends, sculling friends, concert and travel buddies…see you all again soon!



You know who you are. If not, I’ll remind you over dinner. 🙂

Now the single most important highlight of 2014?


Been a fan since Duncan’s rookie year. Hipsters die!

“El tipo puede cambiar de todo: de cara, de casa, de familia, de novia, de religión, de dios…Pero hay una cosa que no puede cambiar. No puede cambiar de pasión.” -El Secreto de Sus Ojos (Translation here.)


By the way, I’ll be sending newsletter updates from now on, so if you wish to subscribe, just click on the box below. Here’s to a fantastic 2015 for all of us!


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