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Reev Robledo is a music composer, songwriter, teacher and author.

Recording Lea Edrosolan-Santos

Found this in the archives of good ol’ 2002!

Here’s a song I arranged for singer-songwriter Lea Edrosolan-Santos before she got married. She sang this acapella on a tape recording and I worked with her melody. We jammed and recorded it one afternoon. So happy with how the vocals turned out. Her harmonies are amazing.

Can’t say it enough: I love working with talented people. Lea, let’s do your other songs!

Written by: Lea Edrosolan-Santos
Arranged by: Reev
Lead and back-up vocals: Lea Edrosolan-Santos
Vocal arrangement: Reev
© 2002

Music Production Class – Unplug `n Play

unplug Title: Unplug `n Play
School: University of The Philippines Diliman
College: Mass Communication
Subject: BC106 Music in Media
Year: 2002

An acoustic album featuring bands White Noise, Pandora, Kiko Machine, Lady Bedspacers and Blue Note Funk. Produced by U.P. Broadcasting students.

The very first album production of broadcasting students in the College of Mass Communication in U.P. Diliman. Under an elective called BC106, the goal of the course is to exploit music as an art and business. Unplug `N Play is an album of unplugged performances composed of unsigned bands. From almost 20 auditionees, 5 bands emerged as worthy candidates: White Noise, Pandora, Kiko Machine, Lady Bedspacers and Blue Note Funk,  each with their own musical identity.

The birth pains included off-sync recordings, headstrong artists, marketing woes and internal chaos. However, the project was financially successful with its break-even finish, and set the foundation for future BC106 productions (ReStrung in 2004, Classicology in 2006 and Soloista in 2007).

White Noise


Kiko Machine

Lady Bedspacer

Blue Note Funk