They say that you should only put your best work to showcase a good portfolio. But I thought it would be nostalgic to see how far I’ve gone. From my amateur work (a.k.a humble beginnings) to the more current stuff , it’s almost all in here.

Before anything else, I like to believe that I am first a musician before my so-called competencies. Been playing the piano since I was a kid and it’s my weapon of choice when it comes to composing. For fast-track melodies, I usually pick up the guitar and use a lot of software to program beats and other synth rhythms.

My music is an eclectic blend of genres depending on the client’s need. Though personally I prefer writing orchestral scores fused with electronic music, and the occasional pop song.

Once in a while, I dabble in writing, video, photography and design to complement my passion for music. I’m always on the lookout for any new technology to better express my work.

My other life is that of an educator/trainer. I started out as a music teacher but my longest stint was teaching in different universities for eight years. In-between those teaching years, I also went the corporate route and worked in the record industry, an audio engineering company and a computer enterprise named after a fruit…but I just missed making music every time!

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