9 #NextBigThing Indie Artists in Soundcloud

A few indie artists in Soundcloud worth checking out.

Louise Summer

I was looking for a rendition in Soundcloud of Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning) by Vertical Horizon and her version just stood out. She has one of the sweetest voices I’ve heard that carries an international vibe. All the emotions are there too. Louise, please record more songs. And yes, we really should collaborate soon.

Hydir Idris

Another Soundcloud buddy, I didn’t realize how big Hydir was in Singapore until I checked the internet. I’m  thankful he allowed me to use his rendition of “Man In The Mirror” when typhoon Yolanda hit our shores. I mixed it up with a German singer while I played the piano. I am happy for your continued success, my friend. We shall jam soon.

Abigial Laurel

Dear Lord. Why she remains a hidden gem is beyond me. Carrying the Laurel music-and-arts gene, Abigail is a class act on a global scale. We met at Alabang during one of her gigs and we’ve had a forever pending collaboration.

Kim Manalili

Kim is definitely one of my favorite singers. With a smooth, golden voice, she sings with all the emotion. She sang during one of my launches and we have two other recordings.  More collaborations await!

Renzo Vergara

Male pop vocalists are so hard to find. I believe Renzo been touring the Philippines as part of the Star Records group of talents. Hopefully, he can have some downtime so we can work on a a song or two.

Bianca Abad

First time I met Bianca live, I knew she was a star. She has everything: an insane amount talent, looks, and PR. I’m giving her praise now before she becomes unreachable.

Rachel Relucio

A former student of mine with a superstar voice.  Strangely, she works at The Voice. She really should be a contestant.

Denice Quimbo

I am not surprised by the musical achievements of Denice. She was 8 years old in the kids choir and I remember her sitting beside me on the piano. Hey, why’d you erase your other songs? They were awesome. I am super proud. Make more!

Jazz Ong

I can’t believe Jazz was this super shy girl back in kids choir. It’s amazing to see you rock the stage, Jazz! I am a fan.

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