PHILPOP 2015 Judging

“The PhilPop Musicfest Foundation is an advocate of Filipino music that seeks to resound and preserve our vanishing, perhaps forgotten, musical gems, and empower Filipino songwriters whose music can inspire and motivate a nation.” -Philpop Facebook page

I was invited to be a judge in the 4th Philpop Festival, an offshoot of the famous MetroPop songwriting contest in the 70s and 80s. Now headed by then winner Ryan Cayabyab and business mogul Manny Pangilinan, this year’s hopefuls reached around 3,000 entries (so we were told).

Philpop 2015 Poster
Philpop 2015 Poster

In case you’re wondering how it goes…around 20 adjudicators (which is a fancy name for “judges”) are assigned to listen to 300 hundred songs. Someone would play an song/entry over a loudspeaker, then we would rate it between 1-5. Same rules apply to the different adjudicators covering other sets of 300.

There is just so much talent out there! I hope all the deserving folks who didn’t make it will get their share of attention someday.

Here are this year’s finalists:

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