Fragments Music Soundtrack

Fragments is a silent film for the 27th CCP Independent Film & Video Festival, Gawad Alternatibo Shorts during Cinemalaya. Presented in black and white, it features the beginning and demise of love between a man, woman and their child.

I was given the task of drawing out  emotions from the characters through melancholy cues in the absence of dialogue. The soundtrack is mostly piano with a touch of strings, some sound design, and a music box. It’s one of the favorite scores I’ve written since it required minimalist instrumentation (a welcome break from the more fancy arrangements), and was quite meticulous to compose.

Title: Fragments
Starring: Fitz Edward Pitana, Robern Padasas, Gianelle Garan
Director: Arade Villena
Story: Eunice Santos, Shariah Pata
Screenplay: Louise Garan
D.O.P/Colorist: Nicko Valera
Music Score: Reev Robledo

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