Beauty Queen, song of Esther

One big prevailing word was etched in my mind while writing this: SUPERFICIAL and Esther’s song personifies that. If you read the lyrics, listen to the chord changes and how the melody is constructed, you can tell that I had so much fun writing it.

I call this the Disney song, in the tradition of those animations with big chorus ensembles and engaging orchestral music. Sort of an ode to composers Alan Menken and Howard Ashman. Not much thinking while writing this one. Just pure, unadulterated fun. Enjoy!

Beauty Queen

All this make-up on my face I would gladly wash away
But I’ve got beauty to maintain
Cause who would want to look plain?

Wash hair, soap skin
Moisturizing cream
Brush cheeks roses bloom
Trim the nails, paint them too

Pluck brows, armpits
Emphasize curvy hips
Overweight at ninety five
So they say but I’m . . .

Chorus 1:
More than a face
And just like any girl I’m trying to find my own place
In this world where Man won’t see past superficial
We’re only visual pleasure
In this shallow earth
Where beauty is a curse I’ll just be me

Tuck belly, raise chest
Hide flaws under dress
Let a little cleavage show
But not too much, just enough Insecure yes I am
How I live for compliments
I’ve become what I hate
Desperate . . . save me!

Chorus 2:
I’m just a girl In a crowded marketplace
But I’m not ashamed If I can’t compete
And vie for their attention
Or get their satisfaction
`Cause though often compared
Frankly I don’t care
I’ll just be me

Should I wax my legs Just to look my best
Must I wear all this gold
From head to toe I don’t know
If I still know that . . .

Chorus 3:
I’m just a girl
Standing up for love and truth
And proving my worth I’m representing every woman’s
Need for affection
Cause we are all but human
Outside is what you see
But inside I’ll always be
A beauty queen

Inside I’ll always be . . . just a girl

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