So Much More, song of Abigail

A lot of people think this is a love song. Well it is, and it isn’t.

This is the second of 3 power-pop-ballads in the roster (the other ones are “Still”, song of Rachel and “Beautiful”, song of the Daughters of Job). Meaning: it’s formulaic. I’ve always touted this one as the American Idol song because it’s meant to be sung in a “take the stage” way or at least something that would sound good in karaoke. Haha.

With that in mind, I set off to write music and lyrics with commercial appeal unlike the other songs which are Broadway-ish. I always take it as a challenge to purposely make something for a certain market.

So for the inspiration? It’s actually a song that I wish someone was singing to me. Like a loved one. That—and the thought of Abigail’s frantic act of saving her household.

I’ve always imagined of someone who needed help and was on the verge of losing hope and wanting to die. I think we’ve all experienced that one way or another. And in our cry for help, don’t we wish we could hear an audible voice that said:

I’d hurry
I won’t wait
There’s no time to waste
Hold on, be strong
I’m on my way
Fast as the wind can take me
I’ll be where you’ll be…

The chorus and next verse is actually  an invitation, a call to for salvation if you may:

Let me love, let me hold
Let my life be your own
Let me keep you in my care
Your burden I will bear

And to prove one’s undying love and loyalty, and standing up for the injustice of the world:

And I will fight until they find
All the beauty in you that I see
I will be all you need
And so much more

The next verse is what your savior says:

Take my hand, take this life
All I am I would sacrifice

He offers his life and prays that it would be enough:

And may this humble offering
Be worthy and so pleasing 

In every song I’ve made, my favorite part to write is the bridge. I never think when writing the bridge. I don’t know why. It just flows and I often just go crazy with it. Make strange chord changes, inject unexpected melodies far from the general sound of the song. And it always seems to sound, well, fitting.

The world may try to curse you
And hit you where it hurts
But they will have to go through
He who defends and protects
And will love you

A little trivia: All of the songs in the musical have the words “beauty” or “beautiful” and “curse”. Seems that those 2 things always go hand in hand.

Now for the artist. Kim Manalili. Wow. First time I heard her I knew I had found the perfect singer for this song. The way she expresses herself is amazing. There’s so much dynamic range in her voice that even the sound engineer said there was little to be done to make her sound all the more good. I still can’t believe that she hasn’t recorded anything all this time. We’ll definitely be doing more stuff soon.

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