Indie Film: Bitin – University of The Philippines

In this indie suspense-thriller, a young co-ed is stalked by a boy trying to win her affections. While in campus, a series of eerie events occur that unravels a horrifying discovery.

I lent some previous music scores for my students to use in their indie film. I thought this project was really well made! It did scare me too. Well done guys!

A.A. Fernandez as Guia
Chaida Arawiran as Lara
Mercedes Cabral as Agnes
Eco dela Sala as Drew

Produced by Broadcast students of the University of the Philippines College of Mass Communications.

Director: Christer Salire
Asst. Director/Editor: Christopher Ng
Supervising Producer: Ynna Margarita Yalong
Finance & Marketing Head: Jericha Regado
Head Writer/Publicity: Karol Mark Yee
Prod. & Location Manager: Geraldine Ang/Yvonne Beverly Javier
Prod Design/Casting: Jei Estramadura/Mella Monge
Writer/Head Editor/Music Scorer: Ely del Rosario
Additional original music: Reev Robledo

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