Mourning After

mourning_after_tnArtwork by Andrew Aleta

After 20 years of a mighty rule, King David falls into the trap of lust and taints his kingdom with blood. Bathsheba, his beautiful mistress, mourns her husband’s death while pregnant with a child destined to die. Disobedience, adultery, deception and ultimately murder. The second half of David’s monarchy is a life of strife and bloodshed.

We were privileged to have discovered a very talented stage actress (singer, model and dancer too!) in the form of Claude Villacorta who portrayed Bathsheba to perfection. Here she performs “Mourning After”, a sorrowful lament moments after her husband had been killed through an illicit affair with King David.

Claude-1From the Shepherd King preview

Mourning After
Written and orchestrated by Reev Robledo
Lightswitch Publishing ©2005

O why, my king
Why did thee allow
Please help me see
Past through it somehow
Why the man I held
Every morning in bed
Is now a breath away
Only mem’ries remain
I am broken

O why, my lord
Why must you take away
The man I swore
To cherish night and day
Was I powerless
In my heart lies unrest
Blame my foolish ways
For having put me to shame
Please forgive me

I find comfort in the arms of my king
Now that my mourning is over
I pray this union is a blessing that brings
Peace to our home, a decent shelter
Please help me understand
The wisdom of your plan

Because my king
You are the chosen one
I won’t question why
My fate is in your hands
My king

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