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TV5 Unang Tikim Music Theme

Show: Unang Tikim
Network: TV5
Host: Jeremy Favia
Type: Music theme
Producer: Menans Perez
Music: Reev Robledo

Unang Tikim (First Taste), a gastronomic experience like no other, features exotic, healthy and delectable dishes. Insects, rodents or snakes, anyone? Hosted by celebrity chef Jeremy Favia.

Music notes: A quirky and somewhat jazzy-lounge electronic score (that’s a lot of adjectives!), the music is as eclectic as the food the program features. I threw in a lot of kitchen sounds to accentuate the beat, a sassy vocalist, an electric piano pattern, and finally a saxophone riff.


TV5 Bigtime Music Theme

TV5’s Bigtime showcases inspiring stories from ordinary people who reached their dreams through hard work and perseverance. With Twink Macaraig as host.

Project: TV5 Bigtime
Client: TV5 News and Public Affairs
Type: Music Theme

You can watch it online here.