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Radio Production 101 – University of The Philippines

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Music Production Class – Soloista

Title: Soloista
School: University of The Philippines Diliman
College: Mass Communication
Subject: BC106 Music in Media
Year: 2007
URL: http://bc106.podomatic.com

A pop album featuring singer-songwriters Myka, Peter, Chrion, Ceres and Lee. Produced by U.P. Broadcasting students.


“Yes! We can do it!” is an innocent response that entails a whole gamut of experiences four generations of BC 106 broadmajors have gone through. It’s an emotional ride surely not for the faint of heart.

Keeping up with current music trends, “Soloista” was a pure marketing success (thanks to Multiply, YouTube and Yahoo!). Even though the album carries a roster of talented singer-songwriters, the CD actually didn’t sell. But audiences and sponsors loved the whole concept.

So how is the fourth time around any different? Not much.

Ambitious. Yes. Dramatic. Yes. Expensive. Absolutely. Fun. U-huh. Successful. Of course. Would we do it again? Hmm.

Suffice to say, this fourth outing is a culmination of the past successes and failures of previous albums and still earns its rightful place in BC106’s Hall of Fame.

It’s time for this elective to evolve. Take a bow, everyone.

Audio Documentary – The “I” in Life Podcasts – University of The Philippines

Title: The “I” in Life Podcasts
School: University of The Philippines Diliman
College: Mass Communication
Subject: BC111 Advanced Audio Production & Direction
Year: 2007

URL: http://theiinlife.podomatic.com

iFeel, iAct, iCan and iCare. 4 podcasts promoting public awareness, breaking stereotypes and empowering the visually-impaired. Produced by BC 111 students of U.P. Diliman.