The ebook version of Gitarista is available at the Amazon and Kobo stores for only $4.99.

Even if you don’t have an ebook reader (Kindle, Nook, Touch, etc.) you can still enjoy ebooks using free apps for your smartphone, computer or tablet.

Below are the free reading apps (can read plain text, PDF, epub, html, mobi) for iOS, Anroid, Blackberry 10, Windows, and Mac.

• Free Download Kindle Reading Apps
• Free Download Kobo Reading Apps



print_now_shippingThe paperback version of Gitarista is available at my online store in Big Cartel for only Php380 (shipping fee applies). Just select the “pay with credit card option” when the site leads you to Paypal.

For now, the paperback version is available FOR PHILIPPINE RESIDENTS ONLY. If you prefer to pay in cash via bank deposit, or if  you’re abroad and wish to obtain a copy, please message me at the CONTACT page.

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