Gitarista by Reev Robledo. Illustration by Chester Ocampo.

Title: Gitarista
Author: Reev Robledo
Genre: Historical Fiction
Similar Books: Q&A (Slumdog Millionaire), Forrest Gump

A bittersweet romance between truth and destiny, Gitarista is a young man’s search for the symphony of his life.

Gitarista is the Filipino Readers’ Choice for Fiction in English in 2014.


 Gitarista Trailer


Below are links to the synopsis and visual guides to help you picture what certain locales looked like, how the music sounded during that time, the clothes they wore, and a whole lot of other things from that decade (the 70s). I have also included a dream cast and a commentary for everyone’s amusement.

WARNING: Except for the synopsis (which gives you a sneak peek of the prelude), there are  spoilers in these posts. Checking them will most definitely ruin several twists in the story. You have been warned!



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