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Shakey’s “Make It Wow” Party Jingles

How life has turned around! In my preschool years, I’ve had two birthday parties at Shakey’s Greenhills. One time, we wore these funny Continue reading Shakey’s “Make It Wow” Party Jingles


ABS-CBN Rated K Music Theme

Rated K features human interest stories and no-holds barred interviews with interesting personalities.  Korina Sanchez once again showcases her specialty in news gathering and presentation as she goes to all places and spaces wherever there is a story that needs to be told.

Title: Rated K

Client: Acid House Post | ABS-CBN News and Public Affairs
Type: Music Theme

Original music score and sound design by Reev Robledo.
Vocals by Vida Curray-Panopio
Visuals by Acid House Post.

Earth Hour Theme Song

Tasked by WWF Philippines to write a theme song for Earth Hour, a yearly campaign that encourages everyone to save energy for climate change. Continue reading Earth Hour Theme Song